How to show specific JavaScript Timezone in Website

It is important to provide every possible option for users to see and experience in real time. Some of the features and options in JavaScript help you develop a script, which could act according to the specific Javascript timezone depending on the location of the IP or the computer. JavaScript’s is one of the popular library and a language, which helps you to program a specific application or an interface with a specific time zone in an effective way. As it is important to keep the users comfortable by displaying their time zone, it is important to follow certain steps to implement in an effective way.

Why use JavaScript Timezone feature?

javascript timezoneTime zone is one of the important features in the JavaScript, which needs to use to develop a convenient website for people from different countries. It is not recommended for people to use a constant timing system, which shows the developer’s time and can be confusing for users to go through the website for certain information.


JavaScript Libraries play an important role for the developers, as there are a lot of options for users to use to provide a visually attractive and a featured website for the user.  Moment.js and moment time zone is the most recommended pair, which is widely used to show a specific time zone in the website. The below-motioned files helps the script to locate the IP and figure out the time zone in an automatic way

  • Jsjz.js
  • Moment.js
  • Moment-timezone.js

Steps to show specific JavaScript time zone in a website

Get the time zone and date– The JavaScript files would have enough information and coding to locate the time zone automatically, but you can see the files and codes from the local storage. The date would usually be located based not the time, but you can still give out a featured value to display the time zone in an effective way.

Localize the time – Adjust and localize the time zone by vesting moment-timezone.js and ensure to format the time in an effective way. The formatting process plays a vital role in most of the cases, as it would not be suitable for the required display.

Drop the files – As you have finished customizing the time zone from the library, you can drop the file anywhere in the display and JavaScript adjusts the location based on the requirement and process.

Native javascript methods follow a different procedure, where they set the time zone manually by writing every script themselves. The process could take time, but it is recommended for experienced professionals to go with the traditional method of writing scripts, which shows a specific JavaScript time zone on the website.

Advantages of swing a specific time zone in website

  • Convenience – setting up a time zone in an automatic way could help both developers and viewers to use the website in an effective way. It is widely recommended for a commercial organization to use the item one in a proper way, as it affects the process and could lose track on the transactions on the website. Some of the e-commerce websites maintain a perfect time, as it requires working according to the country’s time zone without losing track on the operation. As every website developer and the owner of the website prefer to give easy options for the users, it is evident that providing a convenient time zone could help people to look at the time and according to the requirement in an easy way.
  • Professionalism – It is not mandatory for the website owner to have a convenient time zone JavaScript installed on their website, but having installed can attract a lot of genuine visitors, as they respect the professionalism of the website and the organization. Showing a specific Time zone on the website could be very much essential for some of the Multinational countries, whose operations would be happening from more than one country on a regular basis. Providing a user-friendly option for users would always be appreciated, as a genuine customer or a client would not forget the hospitality of the website regarding navigation and usage on a regular basis.


Time zone is an important aspect of the website, as a website is built for people to access from different parts of the world. Time zone is an element, which can be installed on the JavaScript to show the specific time based on the customer in an effective way. Showing a specific JavaScript timezone in the website could play a major role, as it is professional to provide user-friendly options for users.

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